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Hemarus Plasma is a Plasma Donation Center in Jacksonville, FL

Welcome to Hemarus Plasma , your premier blood plasma donation center in Jacksonville, FL. Blood plasma is the colorless fluid part of blood that serves a number of vital functions in bleeding and infection control. Every blood plasma donation that you provide makes a difference in helping patients with a variety of life-threatening conditions. 

At Hemarus Plasma , ensure the integrity of our plasma by having a very sterile and professional plasma donation clinic. Our highly trained staff makes it easy for you to do your part with plasma donation. Our blood plasma center is a safe, sterile facility that is very comfortable. In addition, you will be fairly compensated for your time when you sell plasma to our center.

For more information on our plasma donation center, please contact us today at  Hemarus Plasma .

Hemarus Plasma  is a Plasma Donation Center in Jacksonville, FL

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